Introduction to Oscar English Kindergarden

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Why Oscar English Kindergarten?

Why would you opt for a Oscar English Kindergarten for your little one, when there are so many schools around Doha to choose from?

The most important reason: your child will be happier in a school run on Oscar Kindergarten principles. And happiness in children is the one sure indicator that all their developmental needs are being met!

Mrs. Aseel Sameer Allouh had developed her system of education in accordance with the natural principles of child development. This ensures that, your children get what they need, as much as they need and at the time they need it, in all the spheres - physical, emotional, intellectual and social.

More Reasons?

  • Most of the parents approaching Oscar, due to the strong recommendation by some of their satisfied friends and relatives. Please check our Testimonial page Advanced levels of learning achievement in language and mathematical concepts
  • Your child develops a healthy and happy attitude towards school and learning; zero-fuss mornings!
  • Individualized lessons; Low teacher-student ratio
  • Music, dance, art, craft, theater, outings, overnight camps, activities with parental involvement....all integrated parts of the curriculum
  • A priceless investment in your child's personality and future.....