About Us

Our Policies

Oscar policies are formally reviewed every two years by the Committee of Management. The policies may be updated at any stage, for the following reasons:

  • Parental or Staff feedback;
  • Reasons indicated on the parent survey
  • Updates issued by other relevant authorities.

Our Licence

Oscar Kindergarten is licensed by Supreme Educational Council for complying the early childhood education regulations.

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Oscar Policies in Detail:

Meals & Dietary Restrictions

Your child’s diet is extremely important for his/her growth. We cannot emphasize how important it is for you to provide your child with a healthy and rich diet that consists of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products that are high in calcium. It is important for us to highlight that food such as nuts and derivatives, chocolate and sweets, potato chips and any other type of junk food is strictly prohibited. It is our task to keep each child with a food allergy safe. So if your child is allergic to any specific food or has a special dietary need, please do let us know by placing it on the enrollment application upon admission.

Health & Safety

It is one of our highest priorities to have a happy, safe and healthy environment for your child. Therefore we must be strict with our rules about health and illness. Please work with us to keep all of our children in the best of health. your child, the nursery facilities are equipped with surveillance cameras which are in use during kindergarten hours.


All medications brought in to kindergarten must be given to the receptionist and the parents should fill the form must be handed directly to the kindergartens nurse. All medicine must be brought in the original pharmacy container and labeled with the child’s full name and instructions for administering it and placed in a zip lock bag.

Emergencies & Evacuations

Our kindergarten procedures and we have first aid and emergency equipment ready for use. Fire drills are held regularly. For safety reasons the children are taught some simple procedures of what to do in
case of an emergency. In case of a need for evacuation, staff and children will be moved to a safe location and you will be notified immediately of where to pick up your child.